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    This is a web app built and optimized for the Tesla Model 3. It is important to know that we use local storage and cookies to enhance your web browsing experience. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies


    Plaid Mode: @ElonMusk

    Ludicrous Mode:

    Performance Mode: @TeslaMilton - Alain Parent

    Chill Mode: - @themodel3guy - @GlenMah - @Durandal93
    There is two ways you can support this web app;
    1. Patreon: any amount helps.
    2. Youtube: please subscribe to my channel "Mother Frunker".
    All of the updates for this webapp can be found on the "Update App". You can find this under "All Apps".
    I will share update videos about this webapp on my youtube channel. Please leave comments on those videos for feedback.
    Get 1,500 km of free Supercharging when you purchase a new Tesla! Copy the link below before placing your order: