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  • Oct 7th 2019:
    - Homepage "view all apps" bug fixed.
    - Patreon "App" added. Also avaible on the home page.
    - Main news source is now Earlectrek.
    - Sports News App added.
  • Sept 17th 2019:
    - Homepage: now has a "top apps" bar. This is front and center to help new users understand how to use the webapp easier.
    - Plate Game: Asia has been added. Play with up to 48 included countries.
    - Games: We had 24 games yesterday. Today we are at 29. A 20% increase.
    • Diablo: You Can Now Play the Original Diablo on your Tesla.
    • Snail Bob: A fun puzzle game. Get bob to the exit.
    • Circle The Cat: Place down dark circles. Can you keep the cat in?
    • Spear Toss: throw the spear as far as you can.
    • Wheelie: Hold on to wheelie... But don't hold too much!

    - Weather App Settings: bug preventing settings to be saved should be fixed. Might take a week for server to update everyone. Still not working in a week, tweet me @MFrunker.

    - Two new apps release date pushed pushed back. Will hopefully have it ready for next release. Too many bugs currently.
  • Aug 17th 2019:
    - Plate Game: find plates from cars in USA, Canada and Europe. Also play a fun spot a Tesla.
  • Aug 13th 2019:
    - Stock App: You can now click any stock symbol to get quick access to charts.
    - Notification App: Coded auto refresh. Let it run last few days. Exceeded the allowed limit too fast. Removed all my code. That was fun to make... :/
    - Stop Watch: The action buttons are bigger, rounded and colored. "Restart" is now labeled as "Reset".
    - Wallpaper: 6 new images added to the app including requested images.
    - World Clock is a newly added app. Tap and view 3 different timezones anywhere in the world.
    - Feedback: Now has it's own tab under the settings page. Wanted to make it easier to submit feedback.
  • Aug 7th 2019:
    - 4 New Games Added
    1. Chess: a classic board game. Was highly requested. Tesla might have beat me in adding it to the car, but it's now apart of the web app.
    2. Baseball: there is no better time to play baseball then inside your Tesla. Swing at baseballs.
    3. Super Buddy Kick: tap the screen to destroy your buddy. Unlock more things as you play.
    4. Apple Shooter: the goal is to shoot an apple off a guy's head. Aim and fire.
  • July 29th 2019:
    - Optional notification pop that shows on every page. Found in "General Settings".
    • Based on pushbullet
    • Works with IFTTT
    • Show text messages
    • Show missed calls
    • And much more!
    - Minor text readability corrections.
  • July 25th 2019:
    - Fixed bugs with the newly released custom Weather Location feature.
    - Above the "Your Location" link on the weather app now shows how the location is being located.
    - Stocks app recoded from the ground up. You can now also access it through settings.
    - Open Charge Map added under charging options.
  • July 23rd 2019:
    - Quickly toggle between Day and Night mode on the sidebar.
    - "Updates" removed from Apps. Now found under settings.
    - Settings page remade from the ground up. Less clutter, more options. Improvements include:
    • Quick access settings with larger, easier to click buttons.
    • Information on different settings such as chargers and maps.
    • Weather App now has options to enable a custom location. Set it using longitude and latitude.
  • July 16th 2019:
    - 4 New Games Added
    1. Bubble Shooter: a clone of the Puzzle Bobble arcade game.
    2. Bottle Flip: Flip the bottle and make it land perfectly.
    3. Connect 4: disc-dropping fun. Get 4 in a row.
    4. Checkers: a classic board game.
  • June 25th 2019:
    - Weather app display Location
    - Weather app fix C or F text
    - Web App now works with Model S/X running 2019.20.4 or greater and with HW 3.0
    - Title on homepage updated to display "MF's Web App" to make it more kid friendly.
    - The app is now accessible in a kid friendly URL; app.muskhave.com
    • All saved settings will transfer over. Remember we store no data. It is all stored in your car.
    • Bookmarking this page will bring you to the homepage everytime. There is no way around it.
    • Refreshing the page will bring you back to the home page.
    • Accessing through motherfrunker.ca/app will continue to work and provide the same expereince as before.
  • June 18th 2019:
    - Atlasobscura added under the Miscellaneous section. This is a quick link to a great, friendly tour-guide to things around you.
    - 7 New Games Added
    1. Hooligans: Swipe back and forth to stay alive. Plays like subway surfer
    2. Slinguin: A fun game with a penguin.
    3. Clash of Vikings: a tower defense game. Plays like Clash Royale.
    4. Super Stack: Stack Blocks.
    5. Goalkeeper challenge: Become a Soccer goalie and stop as many shots as you can.
    6. Stellar Invictus: a Space Sandbox MMO
    7. Millionaire: A quiz game.
  • May 29th 2019:
    - Upgraded Server. Everything should load faster now.
    - Added Chrome Remote Desktop to the Screen Sharing and Google Apps.
    - Added "Charger App" as well as options in the settings page. Helpful for finding non Tesla chargers.
    - Weather App: choose fahrenheit or celsius in the settings page.
  • May 26th 2019:
    - Weather app is back!
    - Twitter app temporarily removed until fixed.
  • May 22nd 2019:
    - Feedback form link added to updates page.
    - Weather app temporarily removed until fixed.
  • May 20th 2019:
    - A new "TeslaForum" app was added. You can now see the last 10 posts on any subcategory of the Tesla Forum.
    - News app updated with a more consistent look among apps that display list based content.
  • May 14th 2019:
    - News app was updated to be more incorporated with the site.
    - Tweet me @MFrunker with any News RSS feed you want added.
    - The final batch of cookie bugs were fixed.
    - Frames (when allowed) across the site have been changed to take up full height and width.
    - Spotify app black screen bug fixed.
    - TweetList top text and loading message added.
    - Wallpaper app stretching bug fixed.
  • May 13th 2019:
    - Clear message when apps make you leave the site.
    - ElonTweets is now TweetList, with options in the settings page.
    - Messages page updated with more quick access options.
    - Home page has been redesigned with more focus on the important information.
    - A new "GoogleApps" App was added. You now have quick access to Google Apps.
    - Site breaking cookie bug fixed. Saved settings works better now.
  • May 7th 2019:
    You can now choose which subreddits you want to show on the reddit app. Option added to settings.
  • May 5th 2019:
    - Lot of big fixes across all apps.
  • May 3rd 2019:
    - Settings added. Customize your app bar!
  • May 1st 2019:
    - Private beta testing with a launch of 17 apps and 9 games.
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